Does Insanity Really Work?


But Why?


Of course INSANITY works. It works like a charm. Buy why and how?  We’ll the answer is simple. If you completely change your eating habits, as in 100% completely change them (check out the diet plan here), and then go through the most intense workout you could possibly imagine, where you’re sweating from head to toe and feel like you’re going to puke for 60 days in a row, OF COURSE you’re going to lose weight and get ripped.

This is where the major disconnect happens for most people and why 94% of people fail to complete INSANITY.  You watch a video, see amazing results, get all pumped up and tell yourself, “this is it! I can commit to an hour a day for 60 days, no problem!”

In reality, this is far from the truth. INSANITY is the absolute hardest thing you could do to lose weight. Most people we talk too can’t even get through the warm ups without feeling like they are going to pass out.

Does Insanity Work?

Think about it, if you jump around nonstop for an hour your going to get a great workout. If you change everything about the way you eat, you will lose weight. This is typically to much for the average person to stick with and complete. It’s a 100% change from what you are used to and really way to much to ask from yourself.

If your like me, you’re a casual athlete. Meaning you hit the gym maybe 2-3 times a week, get in a random pick up basketball game here and there and maybe jog every now and then. I thought INSANITY was what I needed to take it up to the next level. What I found was that it was to difficult, not fun, and all around just a pain in the ass to stick with.

Most people, (like myself)  are just a few more exercises in the gym and a good supplement or two from getting into the best shape of their lives.  I learned this after my INSANITY fail.  Turns out, what I needed to take my body to the next level was just adding a few supplements into my diet to give me body what it needed. 


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