Insanity Diet Elite Nutrition Plan

Table of Contents
  • Overview- page 1-8
  • Elite Nutrition Philosophy- page 8
  • How the Meal Plan works– page 9
  • Determine Your Caloric Needs– page 10
  • When To Eat– page 11
  • Start Eating– page 13
  • Elite Nutrition Meal Lists– page 15
  • Food Blocks– page 58
  • Month Two: Eat More– page 59
  • Basics For Beginners– page 59
  • Nutrition Troubleshooting– page 61
  • Results and Recovery Formula– page 62
  • Substitution Lists– page 63

The Insanity Diet is available in a PDF version, here.


If you took a look at the diet plan and it seems like it’s just to much for you, it probably is. It absolutely was for me. INSANITY is a tough tough program that honestly is not for people trying to start losing weight. It is more geared towards the casual athlete looking to take it to the next level. Personally I had much more success with another workout program, click the picture below for more information.

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